Inform your decisions with real time crowd data.
Get predictions and detect future trends.

Put data at the core of your strategy

Without Data Spoon

Deciding on a new stores location is based on guesswork and past data.

Store rent and other costs associated with moving into a new place don't always match the real potential of a new location.

Store location fail to take into account the trends of crowd movement and consumer bahavior.

With Data Spoon

Unbiased data support your store location strategy.

Feel at ease with moving-in expenditures as the the store location value is backed by hard data and not only a realtor's sales pitch.

You know which neighborhood are losing or gaining footfall and get future predictions as well.

Discover how crowd analytics will improve your business decisions.
Here is the data you can obtain through Data Spoon :

Footfall Data

- Daily, Weekly, Monthly resolution
- Footfall predictions
- Average dwell time

OOH Valuation

Obtain the value of digital and static billboards based on footfall data, the value of exposure to the ad and blip per second

Purchasing Behavior

- Purchasing data per industry
- Daily, Weekly, Monthly resolution
- trends

Demographic Data

- Gender
- Age

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Valuable data at the tip of your finger, updated in real-time.

The right tool for actionable crowd analytics data

With Data Spoon, access crowd analytics data in a per building resolution, updated on an hourly basis, to provide valuation of digital and static billboards, commercial real-estate and public spaces.