Measure your store performances in context.
Adjust your pricing strategy based on footfall prediction.

Put data at the core of your strategy

Without Data Spoon

Instore trafic is an unreliable indicator of store performance as it does not take into account outside trafic.

Planning special promotional events is based on habits or past data.

Demand-based pricing is based on hunch and macro-economic data.

With Data Spoon

Instore trafic is analyzed in relation with outdoor footfall to provide context to variations in instore trafic.

You plan your events based on crowd data and footfall predictions.

Pricing can be adjusted by the day, hour and even minute.

Discover how crowd analytics will improve your business decisions.
Here is the data you can obtain through Data Spoon :

Footfall Data

- Daily, Weekly, Monthly resolution
- Footfall predictions
- Average dwell time

OOH Valuation

Obtain the value of digital and static billboards based on footfall data, the value of exposure to the ad and blip per second

Purchasing Behavior

- Purchasing data per industry
- Daily, Weekly, Monthly resolution
- trends

Demographic Data

- Gender
- Age

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Valuable data at the tip of your finger, updated in real-time.

The right tool for actionable crowd analytics data

With Data Spoon, access crowd analytics data in a per building resolution, updated on an hourly basis, to provide valuation of digital and static billboards, commercial real-estate and public spaces.