Solution for OOH Advertisement

Solution for OOH Advertisement

The Problem

The main goal of OOH (Out Of Home) advertising is to expose the message (the advertisement) to the maximal number of audience, however, not all billboards are equal. Some billboards are located in more crowded areas while others are in less effective areas. It is important to measure the effectiveness of billboards in order to offer a cost-effective solution for advertisers.

Our Solution

We are locating a sensor inside the billboard, with this sensor we are able to measure the number of people that can see the billboard. When required, it is possible to calibrate the sensor to a specific range (for example in the case that the billboard is small) in order to match the audience with the effective range of the billboard

Conversion Rate Measurement

In such cases when the advertisement is targeting immediate reaction, it is possible to measure the conversion rate of the billboard directly with our system. Two sensors are required for this task: the first is located inside the billboard and measures the devices that had been exposed to the billboard while the second is located in the target area and measures those devices that had been exposed to the billboard and visited the target destination. It is possible to determine the maximal duration between the exposure to the billboard and the visit of the target site according to the specific scenario.